Decimatus 2

by Decimatus

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David Fowler
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David Fowler really love the heavy groove. Very catchy Favorite track: Burning Bridges.
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released June 9, 2012



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Decimatus Melbourne, Australia

Evolving the groove sound from the blueprint left by Pantera, Decimatus have been able to combine it with the raw heaviness of Lamb of God. The band has been able to forge ahead with a sound that wears its influences on its sleeve but in a way that doesn't seem dated or rehashed. This album is a breath of fresh air. Their take on metal is great because it’s fun and familiar while still original. ... more

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Track Name: Burning Bridges
Here it comes crawling back again
Like a demon
Mother Mary crying out for more
A sweet sent from a dying whore
A need for this sacred ritual
Just want it all
Breath in the broken shattered glass
Do you even have to ask

Not gonna walk the line
Betting on black this time
Got more Bridges to burn
We've got more medals to earn

Rack'em up start the chopping block
Too late to too stop
The time is coming the eyes are turning
Black at the bottom to keep on burning
Pin prick eyes to guard the light
From my ice blackened night
Breath out and slay the rest away
The devil's coming and it's time to pay

I've got more bridges to burn
I've got more metals to urn
Track Name: Fate without Faith
Nothing is set in stone
You'll find the power in your own
A weak pray to bridge gap between
A false sense of security
Where were you when time stood still?
Should I repent the guilt I feel?
Why should I believe the word of saints?
Words passed by generations always change

The sun's on a crumbling palace
There will be no rapture

I'll take the lords name in vain
My will goes against the grain
Conjure up a savior to look ahead
Thou shall not covet
Embrace the curse, driven by greed
All for the taking sin monopoly
Should I bow down and bed for forgiveness
When my time is up I won't repent

Why should I try to be something I'm not
So you can tell me I'm guilty
For sins that don't exist
Just say I'm guilty and move on

The sun's on a crumbling palace
There will be no rapture
It's easier to live
When you have faith without faith

Say I'm guilty
Just say I'm guilty and move on