The Betrayer

by Decimatus

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released January 14, 2012

Written by Decimatus
Lyrics by Decimatus
Recorded by Adrian Akkerman at Incubator Studio's
Mixed by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studio's
Mastered by John Roberto at Crystal Mastering



all rights reserved


Decimatus Melbourne, Australia

Evolving the groove sound from the blueprint left by Pantera, Decimatus have been able to combine it with the raw heaviness of Lamb of God. The band has been able to forge ahead with a sound that wears its influences on its sleeve but in a way that doesn't seem dated or rehashed. This album is a breath of fresh air. Their take on metal is great because it’s fun and familiar while still original. ... more

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Track Name: The Betrayer
Living in the darkness
In a winter haze
Is this what I've succumbed to
For the rest of my days?
So sick of hiding
Don't want to be untrue
I'm shedding my skin to be reborn
My eyes are looking through

I'm fading away
No tears for a wolf in sheep's clothing
I'm feeling the weight
Of Betrayal on my shoulders

I've been buried alive
Suffocated by my own hand
I just wanted to die
Every time i looked in your eyes

Pulled from the inferno
Saved from my destruction
You were a beacon of light
Leading me through the darkness
This sea of sorrow
Is too hard to bare
This weight is dragging me under
And I cannot swim

I've been buried alive
I always promised to be true
I could see it in your eyes
All the pain that I caused
Track Name: Bury You
Watch the foldbacks fall
Keep your white flag tall
A psychopathic grin from this devious in
The horns about to blow to show watch the amps fuckin' blow

The jealous eyes as the gunpowder dries
As your arrogance prevails
What's the bet heads or tails?
There's no price on your head
They just want you for dead
Raising your glass as you're caught in the past
Brought back to size which is your demise

We'll Bury You
When the pain won't suffice
We'll Bury You
Your balls to the fucking vice

Dime a dozen next to nothing
Back of the line
Fixed on making something
That's been left behind
Don't rest your eyes and fall asleep
These shoes you mould
We're lining out the box
We've measured head to toe

It takes a showbag to show
Full of shit we all know
Say's he's got the gameface just in case
Is he gonna piece the puzzle we unleash
Only time will tell so fuck the past back to hell

We'll Bury You
A shovel to the head
We'll Bury You
You hearing what I said?

We will bury you all
You can't shut us down
We control this now
Break this fucking wall
Track Name: Of The Wicked
So tell me why I got this far
There's only one thing that you realise
When your life's so hard
The Book of Black only treads so far

Just try to fill the void
Is it me or are you paranoid?

Rollin wayward on your wicked way
You get onto your knees and pray
For your day of reckoning
There's only hell to pay

So tell me how did you get this far
Leeching off the back of your friends
And you try so hard
To Pint a picture of a life unscarred

Crawling around on your knees its so sad
Constantly repenting a life that's so bad
But you're of the wicked not of the light
We'll see who'll be left after this night
Track Name: Killing Time
Don't do as I do just do as I say
This late night habit keeps me clear from day
Can't fight it no more start clutching the walls
Breaking out the door to the man to score

Over and out in more ways than one
Each to their own get my fix for fun
A new outlook on what life's suppose to be
No work and all play gotta fight to be free

Can't stop the voices in my head
They come to me when no one else is left
Can't stand the feeling of being alone
Time's a factor for the motive you fiend to own

I'm feeling fine
For the moment I'm just killing time
Don't waste your breath
I'm just killing time

I keep a closed quarter with a house full of bricks and mortar
Keep the straight jackets on for the schizophrenic paranoia
I keep a bat beneath the seat for the demon's I unleash
It's a hell of a ride when you're flying through the front seat

I pave the way for a scattered Sunday
Need no piece of mind anarchy's my forte
I won't hear what's said I'm gonna wait to talk
Not one to wait I'm all all the fucking walk

The time's ticking by got your ass on the line
Too many times have past when I've seen
Track Name: Decimate
You lifeless hate filled spawn
You think that you can take me?
We'll I've got something right here
To show you how to fuckin break me

This time the pressure's on
You're not the only one
We've turned the tables
Now you're under the gun

You try to bring me down
But you don't even know why
I've got one thing to say, just try

I just can't compromise
There is no changing sides
We've got the drop on you
The anvils crush you down to size

Firing on all cylinders
We've got you in our fuckin sights
It's time to pay the debt
We're coming to collect tonight

Just try to desolate me
Just try to aggravate me
You can't destroy me and you will never know why
Just try to annihilate me
Just try to terminate me
You can't DECIMATE me why don't you just try to
Decimate us